WA’s Heist Crew: In Honor of Smash & Grab by Amy Christine Parker

Smash & Grab Pick Your Heist Crew (3)

This week, WA friend, Amy Christine Parker, released her third book titled, Smash & Grab from Random House Books for Young Readers. To celebrate the release, we’re listing our heist crew!

Warning: We have a big crew–you can never have too many lookouts!

Leader: Amy Parker (Because clearly she’s the mastermind).

The writers who regularly support WA:

Tawney Bland

Laura Perez

Kristin Durfee

Candace Ruffin

Victoria Nations

Valerie Willis

Kim Plaskett

Teresa Sargeant

Kathy Elbert

Arielle Haughee

Vanessa Valiente

Aly Phanord

Can’t forget WA instructors/guests such as Christina Farley, Vivi Barnes, Ashley Inguanta, Lauren Gibaldi, Ella Martin, Christina Benjamin, Lauren Francis-Sharma, Marianne Kirby, John King, and Bookmark It!

Who is in your heist crew?


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