Editing & Coaching for Fiction Writers

Racquel Henry has been proofreading and editing since 2004. If you would like her to read your manuscript and give you constructive criticism, please feel free to email. Rates depend on many factors since every project is different. Please note that one of goals of Writer’s Atelier is to offer affordable rates to help other writers. Rates are lower than the average consultant.

After holding a position as a reader for The Literary Review in addition to holding the position of co-founder and editor of Black Fox Literary Magazine, Racquel has seen the common mistakes writers make in their manuscripts. Racquel enjoys reading other writers’ work and making suggestions to help them become better writers. Below is a list of services.

  • Developmental Editing for Short Story 
  • Developmental Editing for Novel 
  • Proofreading
  • Coaching for Fiction Writers 
If you are interested in developmental editing, here are some examples of what Writer’s Atelier looks for in a manuscript and questions that are kept in mind:

  • Character Development– Is the character flat or is he/she someone the reader can relate to? Is he/she a round character? What role do minor characters play and is it appropriate for the story?
  • Overall Plot Structure– Is there a climax? Is there a resolution? Does the resolution work for the story and leave the reader satisfied?
  • Setting– Is there a clear sense of time and place? How appropriate is the setting for the particular story/novel?
  • Voice– Do we get a sense of the author’s voice in the piece?
  • Point of View- How effective is the point of view? Does it create any difficulties for the author? Would the story be better off if it were told using a different point of view?
  • Dialogue– What does the dialogue add to the story? Is the dialogue interesting or engaging? Does it add to the story or take away from it?
  • Scene Construction– Where do scenes begin and end? What drives them? How do action, dialogue details, etc. build a scene?

*These are only examples. Every manuscript is different. 

All inquiries can be emailed to racquel@racquelhenry.com

Fiction Manuscripts MUST be in the following format:

  • Double-Spaced
  • Times New Roman, 12 pt. Font
  • 1-inch Margins

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